Susie Touchinsky - occupational therapy certified driver rehabilitation specialistAdaptive Mobility Services provides driving evaluation & training appointments from the convenience of your home, Monday through Thursday. We offer morning or afternoon appointments. Please call us at 484-650-2280 to learn more about our next available appointment times.

Have a few questions before you schedule an appointment? No problem! Feel free to contact us via email with all your questions or complete the Driver Safety Quiz to share a little about yourself. Make sure to leave us your name & email.

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Pennsylvania’s Expert Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

Adaptive Mobility Services provides comprehensive driver evaluation and driver rehab services that are backed by years of specialized occupational therapy driver assessment and rehabilitation experience.

Serving southeastern Pennsylvania including Allentown, Harrisburg, Hershey, Reading, Pottsville, Orwigsburg, Philadelphia, and throughout the area, Adaptive Mobility Services is a true partner to achieve driving confidence and certainty for safe outcomes for all.

Call us at (484) 650-2280 for a free 20-minute driver safety consultation. Or complete our quick Driver Safety Quiz to determine if Adaptive Mobility Services are right for you or a family member. We are here to help you move forward.

Driver Safety Quiz

The Adaptive Mobility Services Driver Safety Quiz is a quick and easy first-step to determine if a driving evaluation may be needed. The quiz will give you a quick indication if issues may exist about your driving ability or help to validate concerns you may have about your loved one’s driving. Whether your Driver Safety Quiz results indicate a problem, or you would like to move forward for a comprehensive and professional driver evaluation, Adaptive Mobility Services is here to help.

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