What is Your Mobility Plan? 

What is Your Mobility Plan? 

One of the reasons talking about driving retirement, or ‘giving up the keys’ is so difficult, is because, for most of us, this is a ‘new’ conversation.
Think about it… Before now, before the past few decades, our parents & grandparents pretty much drove until their last days. Most of them lived at home and drove every day. But now we are living longer than ever, moving from our homes into other communities and facilities, spending decades in work retirement, and outliving our driving abilities. It is because of these changes that we now have to face the new conversation about driving retirement. These conversations can be tough. I have been through several of them myself with my own family members and as an OT driver rehab specialist. Having these conversations has challenged me to look at my own life and to start thinking about my own goals for living & mobility as I age.
Think about your own life. What do you want life to look like in 10, 20, 30 years? Do you have a plan for your financial retirement? What is your plan for mobility and driving retirement?
While there are several resources out there to help you plan for financial retirement, there are few resources for thinking about your mobility. One resource I recommend checking out is the Center for Disease Control and Preventions’ My Mobility Plan. It is a well-organized resource that helps you to think about yourself, your home, and your neighborhood.

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Susie Touchinsky

Susie Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS is an occupational therapist and certified driver rehabilitation specialist offering decades of experience, knowledge, and professional support for drivers, families, caregivers, and practitioners.