Susie Touchinsky,
Occupational Therapy
Driver Rehabilitation Specialist

Susie Touchinsky, OTR/L, SCDCM, CDRS is an occupational therapy driver rehabilitation specialist and the owner of Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC.

She has achieved her Specialty Certification in Driving and Community Mobility (SCDCM) from the American Occupational Therapy Association and is a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) by Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. She completed her training with Susan Pierce’s Adaptive Mobility Service, Inc. in 2003, worked for the Johns Hopkins Hospital Driving Program, served as director for Driving Rehabilitation at Genesis Rehab Services, & now is excited to own & run Adaptive Mobility Services.  

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With her transition to Adaptive Mobility Services, LLC., she now is expanding to private practice to focus on her personal mission of providing exceptional care for all drivers and educations for occupational therapy practitioners. She is passionate about providing comprehensive care, working to continually evolve her own practice, advocating for the occupational justice of all patients, and sharing her knowledge with others thru lectures, publications, presentations, and educational offerings.


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