Need Help Getting behind the wheel again?


Want to help people get behind the wheel again?

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Our Mission

To provide exceptional care for all drivers and education for occupational therapy practitioners

For me, like most others, driving means independence, freedom, and mobility. I greatly respect this and your interest to continue with driving. As an occupational therapist, I understand medical conditions and illnesses, and I am skilled at evaluating and problem-solving solutions to promote independence. As a driver rehabilitation specialist, I understand the skills, knowledge, and activities needed for fitness to drive. By combining both areas of expertise, I support my drivers by identifying patterns of strengths and concerns, problem-solving solutions, and promote engagement in life that matches the abilities of each driver. I believe in partnering with drivers, their physicians, and support systems, to promote the highest, safest, level of travel -whether that be driving, as a passenger, or traveler.

- Susie Touchinsky